Cloud based product that delivers Predictive Maintenance with IOT by ingesting historical plant and equipment procurement and maintenance data from ERP systems (such as SAP, Dynamics etc.), while gathering real-time telemetry data from field/plant or 3rd party sensors (equipment sensors, Cisco Jasper etc.) and thereon combining the two to execute Machine Learning algorithms in real time to detect anomalies & thereon batch analytics for deeper insights and patterns to provide predictive maintenance alerts and recommendations, resulting in operational efficiency, lower costs and increased productivity in wide range of industries.

Tabo - In Action !

Unique Capabilities:

  • IOT Ready - make your enterprise IOT ready with Tabo’s capability to ingest proprietary sensors, 3rd party sensors and M2M data
  • ERP Integration – can ingest relevant ERP systems data for intelligent and connected analytics with real-time sensory data coming from field
  • Scalable Data Ingestion - collect, process, and analyze streaming data at scale from few hundreds to millions of events per unit of time
  • Multiple Data Formats – get deep insights from variety of data formats and types (structured and unstructured) across verticals
  • Real Time Analytics & Batch Processing – complex event processing in real time and offline data mining with industry leading technologies for deeper insights
  • Deep Machine Learning – leverage deep ML to build models that grow ever more accurate and smart with time and data processing
  • Alerts and Recommendations – get alerts in real time for taking timely and proactive actions to prevent incidents from every happening

Tabo Functional Diagram

Product Features:

Tabo covers all aspects of IOT to empower organizations take preventive actions by combining ERP and real-time sensory data to conduct deep Machine Learning based analytics, with real time complex event processing and offline batch custom analytics to get deeper insights and patterns, along with beautiful and intuitive dashboards.

Additional Features

  • Integrates ERP Data
  • Scalable Data Ingestion
  • Multiple Data Formats
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Interactive Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Collect data and control devices from the cloud

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