Cloud based product that modernizes Traditional Analytics with Data Warehouse and other Big Data technologies, leverages Machine Learning to conduct advanced analytics on large data volumes across variety of formats and sources from retail, financial services to manufacturing and other verticals. It enables ad hoc querying on large datasets in Data Warehouse, in-memory processing for traditional cubes, cross querying across structured and unstructured data and real time event processing to empower business users to conduct on demand, at-will analytics at fraction of cost, with extremely high performance, resulting in accurate forecasting, inventory & sales management with greatly improved operational & IT efficiency.

Kalpa - In Action !

Unique Capabilities::

  • Data Tiering – ability to categorize data as Hot, Warm and Cold to conduct cost optimized analytics with different performance across tiers
  • Complex Cubes – build multi-dimensional, complex yet very high performing cubes with in-memory processing
  • Ad-hoc Querying – go beyond prebuilt cubes to conduct on-demand, at-will analytics on real time and historical data
  • Multiple Data Formats – get deep insights from variety of data formats and types (structured and unstructured) across verticals
  • Cross Querying – ability to cross query between structured and unstructured data in real time
  • Real Time Analytics & Batch Processing – complex event processing in real time and offline data mining with industry leading technologies for deeper insights
  • Deep Machine Learning – leverage deep ML to build models that grow ever more accurate and smart with time and data processing

Kalpa Functional Diagram

Product Features:

Kalpa, an Enterprise grade cloud based Advanced Analytics product that is extremely feature rich, covering all aspects of data analytics, from fast performing traditional in-memory cubes, to large data sets in Data Warehouse that can be queried via pre-built cubes or through ad-hoc querying, to real time event processing and being able to cross query between structured and unstructured data and finally, to execute Machine Learning algorithms for deeper insights and custom analytics, along with beautiful and intuitive dashboards.

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