Enterprise grade Advanced Analytics and Industrial IoT products portfolio, with industry standard multi-protocol support to interact with varied data sources — real-time sensors, M2M, Internet, Intranet & so on. Truly protocol and hardware agnostic products suite that works seamlessly with any system — including your legacy ERP systems & data sources, and ingests data from any source that uses HTTP, HTTPS, AMQP, AMQP over Web Sockets and MQTT for data exchange.

Scalable Data Ingestion

Deal effectively with Velocity & Volume of Data from multiple sources, platform scales dynamically to ingest data at needed scale from millions of events per time unit (configurable from second, minutes, hours to days & months)

Multiple Data Sources

Get data from as many sources as needed from millions & thousands of light weight sensors & mobile devices to public web sources to in-house ERP data stores

Multiple Data Formats

Get data from any source that understands industry standard communication protocols and process wide Variety of data formats from sensor, M2M to text & structured and unstructured

Event Sequence & Persistence

Maintain event sequencing and ensure zero event loss to ensure that complex event processing yields the needed fidelity and accuracy in results

Secure Data Transfer

Platform supports TLS 1.2 with 128 bit encryption for HTTP, HTTPS, AMQP, AMQP over Web Sockets and MQTT

Data & Device Control

Use cloud to control your data & devices as platform supports unidirectional data transfer via HTTP/HTTPS and bi-directional data transfer using AMQP, AMQP over Web Sockets and MQTT

Real Time Analytics

Leverage real time analytics and batch processing of raw & normalized data to get actionable predictive and prescriptive insights

Learning Models

Deep Machine Learning algorithms for building ever evolving, intelligent solutions with supervised or unsupervised learning with growing data after initial training dataset

Reports & Dashboards

Visualize, find & drilldown on data cuts to create rich, interactive dashboards and share standard & adhoc reports


DataZenie IoT and Advanced Analytics Products

Cloud based product that delivers Predictive Maintenance with IoT by ingesting plant maintenance data from ERP systems (such as SAP, Dynamics etc.), while gathering real-time data from field sensors (equipment sensors, Cisco Jasper etc.) and thereon combining the two to execute Machine Learning based real time & batch analytics to provide predictive maintenance alerts and recommendations, resulting in operational efficiency, lower costs and increased productivity in wide range of industries.

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Cloud based product that modernizes Traditional Analytics with Data Warehouse and other Big Data technologies and embedded Machine Learning to conduct advanced analytics on large data volumes across variety of formats and sources from retail, financial services to manufacturing and other verticals, enables ad hoc querying on datasets in Data Warehouse, in-memory processing for traditional cubes and real time event processing to empower business users to conduct at-will analytics at fraction of cost, with extremely high performance, resulting in accurate forecasting, inventory & sales management with greatly improved operational & IT efficiency.

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At core of DataZenie’s IoT and Advanced Analytics cloud based products are these salient design considerations


Device Connectivity & Management

Connect any device. We offer connectivity with any hardware that supports these for data exchange: HTTP, HTTPS, AMQP, AMQP over Web Sockets and MQTT. You can manage the lifecycle of your devices: commissioning, monitoring, upgrade and decommissioning.



Secure your device using a private key known only to you. All device and API communication is over TLS 1.2. Data is encrypted using 256 bit AES. Leverage the ability upgrade firmware. Proactively patch endpoint vulnerabilities.


Stream Analytics & Complex Event Processing

Leverage our products’ stream processing capabilities to perform complex-event processing (CEP) of your device data. Make real-time response a reality. Achieve real-time data stream processing with very low latency. Automatically aggregates your device data. Focus on the data that matters. Raise real-time alerts and notifications. Know when things go wrong.


Big-Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Schedule and run sensor data analytics across DataZenie’s products portfolio. Leverage out-of-the box analytics algorithms. Build your own custom algorithm and run it as part of your deployment of our products.


Massive Scale & Reliability

DataZenie products’ offer 100% event processing and 99.9% uptime SLAs. We don’t lose events, maintain the event sequence and conduct real time analytics on incoming events, along with at rest data.


Enterprise Integration

DataZenie’s products understand and work with your in-house, legacy ERP systems and data sources. Get deep & meaningful insights from various data sources (internal/external, structured/unstructured) by executing complex algorithms built using mathematical, computational sciences methods & relevant business rules with Machine Learning to mine huge amounts of data.


DataZenie’s IoT and Advanced Analytics cloud based products are all geared towards solving Industrial Enterprise grade use case and scenarios, as well as to leverage cloud elasticity to conduct at scale Machine Learning driven deep analytics on huge volumes of data. With that perspective, focus verticals are:


Plants are extremely diverse environment with all kinds of equipment and machinery, generating data 24x7. Power of DataZenie’s IoT products lie in connecting these islands of data and giving you a unified data pool, along with deep analytics.
Internet of Things is bringing in the ability to connect anything around you and have it interact with each other and with you. In manufacturing, the biggest impact of IoT is in leveraging equipment sensory and machine-2-machine communication data. Plant equipment is getting increasingly complex and generates large volumes of telemetry data about how they operate, when they need repair etc. Analyzing equipment and machine-2-machine communication data and using this information to provide predictive maintenance and prescriptive guidance is a big leap forward.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their operations, and ultimately capture future market share. IoT is creating a fundamental shift in advanced energy production and distribution technology, management and services while leveraging existing investments in infrastructure and operations.
DataZenie’s IoT and Advanced Analytics products portfolio delivers interoperability, connectivity, and automation that enables Energy and Utilities companies to be more agile, more flexible and efficient, improve outage management, enable automatic and remote fine-tuning, transform energy data into new services, prevent theft, predict asset performance, and smoothly integrate all types of energy in a connected system.

Supply Chain

Your supply chain infrastructure is diverse. Connecting manufacturing facilities, warehouses, fleets and building a connected product is complex. DataZenie products portfolio simplifies this.
One area that will play a prominent role in the future supply chain, as it’s impacted by IoT is in-transit visibility. The logistics ecosystem has many players, and thus, many moving parts. Products are handled and transferred between the manufacturer, suppliers, the distribution center, retailer, and customer. These many nodes in the supply chain call for an agile and informed supply network in regards to product whereabouts and other specifications. This moves the supply chain process from a reactive mode to a proactive one by offering information well before any activity happens.


IoT and Advanced Analytics offer retailers opportunities in three critical areas: customer experience, managing the supply chain and new channels and revenue streams. Use cases and scenarios such as being able to deliver relevant information to the customers, based on their past profile, with in-store interfaces with touch screens, smart shelves in store that detect when inventory is low and smart packaging that monitors freshness or age of perishable goods, smart price tags that can be changed in real time based on demand or other trends and soon.
These are in addition to the other benefits that Advanced Analytics solutions deliver to enable accurate forecasting, inventory & sales management with greatly improved operational & IT efficiency.

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